Life Is Sweeter When You Have Hard Times!


As we all know, life is full of ups and downs…no surprise there. Because of this universal principal, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the great things that come from hard times. Often, we can’t see blessing in hardship until after the trial is over. 

Where am I going with this? Well, as some of you know, I have been a stay-at-home, homeschooling mother, off and on for the past…oh, 18 years or so. In this time, I have been interested in contributing to our family’s finances, but seriously between school, housework, and being a preacher’s wife,  “ain’t nobody got time for that”, right? Or so I thought.

About a year and a half ago, I fell in love with Plexus Worldwide’s natural health and wellness products, and decided to join the company just so I could get the benefit of wholesale prices. I had absolutely NO intention of building a business…until I realized how unique and generous the company’s compensation plan is! 

So, I’ve added “entrepreneur” to my résumé. I’ve dedicated myself to building a successful business, and I’ve dedicated myself to personal growth in the area of leadership and networking. I confess that those things do not come easy to me. Let’s face it, being a leader of a team can be challenging even for those that seem to be born to lead. Why, you ask? Well, because people can be difficult, and when things don’t go as fast as you’d like them to go, it’s really trying. I, however, am thankful to have the privilege of working with some really wonderful people!

Now, there are many ranks or levels within my company, and I was able to reach the first 3 levels (Ambassador, Sr. Ambassador, and Silver Ambassador) in 4 months. I also very quickly raced up the ladder to what felt like an inch from hitting the next big level (Gold Ambassador)! Then…apparently, I had some growing to do. I sat at that level for over a year. The saying, “one step forward, two steps back” never ever seemed so annoying to me, haha! Let’s just say I was not appreciating the blessing of this trial at that time. Month after month, I would gain one teammate only to lose one or even two. Many network marketers will tell you this is the dance, or the journey. I’ve heard someone say that this business is like trying to fill up a bathtub while the drain is open. Yeah, it’s a lot like that!

You may be saying, “well…why would I want to do that? It sounds so negative!” If I left it like that, you’d be right. Who would want to put themselves through that? Thankfully, that is just a small – very small – part of this amazing journey I’m on! 

What keeps me going? I’ll give you a short list:

1. These products have completely changed my life. I am able to be so much more active, no longer need copious amounts of caffeine and that afternoon nap, and I’m no longer suffering from terrible autoimmune symptoms! I spent about $400 every 2 weeks on different supplements before, and I never got even half the results I’ve gotten with the ones I’m using now…at less than half the price.

2. The messages I get from my friends who say that they haven’t been able to sleep this well in years, haven’t fit into this size of clothing since high school, have been able to discontinue the use of multiple medications, are able to play with their children instead of watching from the sidelines. This is a huge motivator for me!

3. My husband was able to quit his part-time job back in June, and is now able to focus on his family and his preaching, partially due to my business. This means everything to me!

I got to the point where I decided that even if I never got another promotion, I would continue to work. The great thing about this is, if you keep working, no one stays put forever. In the wise words of Zig Ziglar, “you can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough people get what they want.”

My journey to Gold with Plexus has felt like a very long, arduous road, but I’m so thankful for every minute…every disappointment, and every victory! 

Great accomplishments wouldn’t be quite as sweet if they were effortless. So, if you’re stuck…doesn’t matter if it’s business, school, family, or just life in general, just keep going! Don’t give up! It’s worth it!!
Yes, thanks to my hard-working team, I have reached one more milestone, and I’m ready to start working my way to the next…because that’s what we do! We have something people need and want, and our obligation is to share it. So, I’m on a mission. 

If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, if you’re tired of struggling making end meet, if you’re ready to work with some really remarkable people, let’s make a change! I will coach you all the way! Let’s navigate this crazy journey together!


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