I ❤️ My Plexus Energy

Hello friends!!

 As some of you know, my family and I just made a big move from Hawaii back to Texas, and I am really amazed at how much we’ve gotten accomplished, and how long and hard we’ve worked without crashing! Before Plexus, I couldn’t go grocery shopping without spending at least the entire next day in bed recovering and whenever I used to travel, I would have a terrible time with swelling and fatigue that would seem to last forever. This time, we have been busy non-stop and my swelling was minimal, only lasting a day or so. So, I think saying that my Plexus products have helped me is an understatement! 😊
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Ordeal or Adventure?

Six-hour layovers in the middle of the night, in a ghost town of an airport…what’s that all about? Well, let me tell ya…my hubby is walking around wearing our daughter’s blanket, which is covered with multi-colored peace signs, as a cape saying that it’s his woobie. One son has the worst headache he’s ever had, and there’s nothing we can do about it. I wish I could show you what he finally figured out to use to shield his eyes from the bright florescent lights, but he might kill me. (It just might resemble the bright red case of our travel pillow) 😂  My daughter has gone from 0-60 in nothing flat, and by that, I mean giggling and joking around while running at full speed into a cartwheel, to full-on teary-eyed meltdown, and we’ve only been here for an hour and a half! I think if we could only dim the lights a bit, I wouldn’t care one way or another what’s going on. I used to think sleeping on planes was next to impossible…lol. We’re all wide awake and staring at each other. I’m sure this will be a great story of bonding later…right now, not so much.