“Office-at-the-beach Monday” is on!

 I love being able to stay with my kids, and work my business wherever our day takes us! The stress that has been relieved because of my decision to give Plexus a try is unexplainable…not to mention the fact that I feel better than I did in my teens! I only wish I had started sooner!

Say hello to one of my favorite spots on the planet, Ko’Olina Lagoon #4, aka “my office” on most Mondays.

This is my younger two building their sandcastle! They’re both so creative. Their favorite things to do involve building of some kind. Whether it be Legos, sand, cardboard boxes, or Jenga tiles, I often find them building something together. I love how close they are!

You gotta love clear skies and Palm trees! ❤️

We even got some driving practice done with my oldest son on the way! 

It’s a shame that we have lived here for almost 4 years, and we have just recently been able to really enjoy it! That’s what happens when you allow yourself to get bogged down.

This was a lesson that took me far too long to learn! Being “busy” is an epidemic, in my opinion. It’s making people sick! We’re stressed, and we eat terribly toxic foods because we’re too “busy” to do anything different! Not me…not anymore! Life is about choices, and consequences! If you don’t like the path you’re on, I suggest you make a change!

Take it from me, life doesn’t have to be a grind when your excuses are abandoned and you decide to do something different! “Ain’t nothing to it but to do it! 

What are you up to on this blessed Monday?

My Story – For What It’s Worth…

Why in the world would I want to start blogging?
To be honest, I have wanted to start a blog for years, but have just been too intimidated to do it. Let’s face it, I have an opinion on just about everything, and am not afraid to share it…BUT sitting down and writing it out? “Nah – ain’t nobody got time for that!”…especially this stay-at-home, homeschooling mom of three, preacher’s wife who has struggled with all kinds of auto-immune issues for years. I was faced with having to cut things OUT of my life in order to simplify…so starting a blog was the furthest from my goals…until recently!

To give you a little background…
Since I can remember, I’ve had trouble with all kind of health issues, such as asthma, eczema, allergies, frequent colds and/or infections, fatigue, low-energy, high-risk pregnancies, miscarriages, other ‘female issues’, weight issues, anxiety, and depression, to name a few, ha!

However, when I had my daughter via emergency C-section in 2007, a surgical sponge was left inside my abdomen. My immune system went into all-out war mode, which left me even sicker than I had ever been. I had no idea that there was a foreign body in there until 2 1/2 years later, and as hard as my body fought, it was only a matter of time before things would start to break down. My body formed a 12cm mass around that sponge in order to protect me from it. The mass literally became a ball of rotting putrefaction, and when the team of surgeons went in to remove it, they accidentally cracked it, and it spilled its disgusting contents into my abdominal cavity. They cleaned everything off, and re-packed my body, but it was very difficult to get used to the feeling of everything being ‘rearranged’. I felt like I was in a completely different body…a very sick body.

My immune system was already shot, but for the next few years, after trying to heal from that surgery (and the two bowel blockages I suffered afterward) seemed like a full-time job to my family and me. After the attitude of the doctor who left the sponge there in the first place, let’s just say that I was hesitant to trust another Dr. So, I went on a mission to find the best natural way to heal, and to deal with my ‘newly rearranged-from-the-inside’ body.

I started suffering from terrible Fibromyalgia symptoms, on top of what seemed like more severe versions of eczema, allergies, fatigue, low-energy, anxiety, crazy hormonal issues, and the inability to stop gaining weight, much less losing it! My hair was falling out by the handful, and my skin and nails were starting to really look unhealthy. My face was red and bumpy, with various breakouts of rashes, the hair I held on to was becoming coarse and brittle, and my nails were yellow, pitted, and weak. I researched, shopped, compared prices and quality, and spent (more like thousands) on one thing after the other, trying to find some kind of relief. At that point, I think I had come to terms with just having to suffer through all of these things from my bed…for the rest of my life, and was trying every “natural Band-Aid” I could find just to make it through the day. Every regimen I tried was so intricate and involved, that it seemed like I was even more exhausted just from trying to remember everything! I was popping over 25 pills, and eating 6 times a day…I had NO time for anything else…AND I was still hurting, sick, and in bed for half the day! I was miserable on the inside. From the outside, I to look as normal as possible. Maybe I was ashamed for not being able to be who I wanted to be, despite the effort I was putting into getting better. The last thing I wanted was for my children to realize that they had a ‘sickly mother’, even though that’s who I was! That breaks my heart!

What’s changed since then?

EVERYTHING has changed since then! My cousin started posting things on Facebook about this stuff called Plexus, and I basically ignored it because it was “just one of those schemes”…or so I thought at the time. Of course, I was interested in losing weight, having energy, and finally being able to conquer my auto-immune problem (that was MUCH worse than I had any clue that it was!). Sure, I was interested in being able to get out of bed, and not limp around for over an hour because of the pain! Sure, I was interested in sleeping all the way through the night and feeling rested when I woke up. All of that is what I had worked for the past 3 years to accomplish! I was SO discouraged because all the things I had tried really didn’t accomplish anything major, so why would this new thing be the answer?? {This was my thought process.}
One particularly terrible day, when my children talked me into taking them to the beach (that’s right, sitting on the beach was too hard for me most days…not necessarily the sitting, but the preparing and going), and I was sitting there in tears because of the pain I was in. I saw yet another post about how “wonderful” Plexus has been for this certain girl, who also struggled with Fibromyalgia and had been able to get off her medications with the help of her Plexus products. I read her story, and it hit me really hard…what if. What if…Plexus helped me the way it had helped this girl, the way it had helped my cousin, and so many others that claim the same? What if…this was what I had been searching for for 3 years? It certainly seemed easier than the TONS of individual products I had to search out by myself, and oddly enough, many of the ingredients in the Plexus products were the same ones I had in my medicine cabinet, but nowhere near the quality or anywhere nearly as affordable!! The work that I had been killing myself doing, had been done for me, and all I had to do was try it…really?

What was an extremely ‘sick and tired’ girl to do?

On June 27th of 2014, sitting on the beach, crying tears of exasperation, I sent my cousin a message saying that I was interested in trying Plexus…I wanted to go all in, and sign up as an ambassador. I don’t do anything halfway, and I wanted to be able to pay wholesale prices. She, so kindly, helped me get set up, but I still had no clue what to expect. I was still such a skeptic, but this felt like the last hope I had to feel anything ‘normal’ again! I was desperate not to feel ‘sick and tired of being sick and tired’ anymore. When my products (Plexus Slim, Accelerator+, ProBio 5, BioCleanse, and X Factor) showed up, I started using them as soon as possible (July 2nd).

What did I notice?

1. Plexus Slim tasted really great to me…which is a HUGE contrast to so many other “health drinks” out there!
2. I was completely shocked that the very first day I started, I noticed that I had energy!
3. Not only that, but I also noticed that my new regimen was extremely simple, and easy to remember! THAT is key for someone who struggles with severe brain-fog the way I did!
At 3 months in…

I could honestly say that I had never felt better!
1. I was down 18 pounds and 36 inches,
2. I had NO pain,
3. I slept VERY well,
4. I didn’t crave any of the junk that was feeding my yeast overgrowth problem, and
5. I was able to get up out of bed like a normal 38-year old, instead of an 80-year old! What’s not to love about that?!
6. I had no asthma or Fibro flare ups, which is just amazing.

If Plexus did absolutely nothing else for me than these things, it would be plenty to keep me going, and shouting it from the rooftops…BUT that is NOT all that it has done for me! Because Plexus is set up SO well, I’ve been able to start the career of my dreams! I think the thing I love about it the most are the friendships I’ve either built or re-built, and the personal growth that I’m experiencing. I’m doing things that I NEVER thought I would be able to do. I could probably write a book about the inner strength that I’ve gained just by setting my mind to helping others! Please believe me when I say that I’ve actively looked for a down side to this, and have yet to find one!

Where am I today?

I’m 8 months in now, and have currently lost a total of 30 lbs. & over 45 inches, and I’m not only feeling and looking healthier, but I’m the leader of an amazing team of people who I love very much! Yeah, I’m happy to be Plexus for life!
If you’ve been going through things in your life that have you feeling like you’re just doomed to ‘sick & tired’ being your normal, you really need to take Plexus up on their 60-day money back guarantee! There’s literally nothing but sickness, pain, and weight issues to lose, and health and extra spending money to gain! What if?…

And that’s my 2-cents…for what it’s worth!
What is keeping you from being who you want to be? Is it worth coming up with a plan, and working toward becoming that person?

passion and purpose vs fears and excuses

Aloha, Y’all!

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