A Legacy to be Joyful About

“A wise man once said, ‘Begin with the end in mind.’…we are all mortals and will someday face our end. We need to make sure our lives AND our businesses are aligned with the legacy we want to leave. To draw a line from point A to point B, we need to know where point B is and what it looks like. Consider these questions: If there were only twelve words written on your tombstone, what would you want them to be? Who would you want at your funeral? What would you want them to remember about you?…What you want said about you at your funeral has everything to do with how you do business today.” (7L: The Seven Levels of Communication, by Michael J. Maher, pages 20-21)

Tara’s Two-Cents: If your job or business doesn’t allow you to spend your time doing the activities that you believe will matter in the end, it may not be the best place to do your life’s work. Suggestion: make a change now, while there’s still time because someday there will be no more tomorrow’s!


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